Chocolate Factory Open Studios – Masterclass – Materahub

We have been at Chocolate Factory Open Studios during our London visit for Aspire2create.EU project meeting and masterclass. Thanks again to Collage Arts and Rinova Ltd for hosting us during these days.

After three full days of meetings and masterclasses, the teams from all the Aspire2create.EU partner organisations take some time to absorb the artistic atmosphere of the Chocolate Factory Open Studios this weekend. These wonderful images have been taken by the materahub team from Italy. ‪#‎inspiring‬ ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎crafts‬ ‪#‎creativeindustries





Participatory Arts and Cultural Learning

The ECLN white paper #1 on ‘Participatory Arts and Cultural Learning’ is available now from the ECLN website along with the research report: ‘The State of Play’, an exploratory and pragmatic piece of highly focused professional research to uncover the vocational educational and training issues for the workforce and to begin to map the Cultural Learning Landscape through the networks of our network.


The N22 Open Studios

The N22 Open Studios at the Chocolate Factory is officially open today from 12noon- 6pm… and if you don’t have time to visit today, there’s always tomorrow from 12noon-6pm too! Our address is The Chocolate Factory, Clarendon Road, Wood Green, London N22 6XJ – see you soon! read what people have to say about last night’s private view:


Forthcoming OPEN STUDIOS

Welcome to the Annual Open Studios at The Chocolate Factory in Wood Green, now in its 13th year showcasing the work of over 100 artists and creative companies, one of the largest events of its kind in London.

Chocolate Factory 1 & 2, home to over 200 artists and creative companies, continues to be a vibrant hub of cutting-edge design, product development and creativity. The brochure (links on the right) contains the Artist Directory and shows some of the range and diversity of artwork being exhibited. Artist profiles are available on the Chocolate Factory Artists website:

The Chocolate Factory concept has been widely promoted by Collage Arts throughout 2010. In London we organised major exhibitions of Chocolate Factory Artists at the Gallery in Redchurch Street and the Highgate Gallery. In France, we held an exhibition at l’Office de Tourisme de Livry-Gargan in the north-east suburb of Paris. Livry-Gargan is a town twinned with Haringey.

This year the Open Studios will also feature artists from Livry-Gargan and emerging new artists from the Indian sub-continent through a partnership with the IMA Foundation bringing an international flavour to the event.

The year ahead promises further exhibitions in London and other European cities as well as the opening of the Chocolate Factory in Malaga, Spain in January 2011.


Please visit for more information about the Chocolate Factory artists and their work.


Letture d’Estate lungo il fiume e tra gli alberi

STEP (Supporting Talent to Employment/Education/ Enterprise Project) – Final Dissemination and Event”

Roma, Lungotevere Castello. 18 giugno 29 agosto 2010.

The 2010 Letture d’Estate lungo il fiume e tra gli alberi consists of an intensive Festival programme, rich with events, meetings, panel discussions, entertainment and musical events of many kinds, theatre, poetry, and exhibitions. Two performance areas will host numerous cultural activities that are scheduled daily from 10 am to 02:00 at night. The Festival will also feature varied gastronomic offers to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Free on admission – without any entrance fee- this celebration takes place in the extraordinary gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo – now even more beautiful with new fences and freshly pruned trees.

Last year, within the “Estate Romana” and under the sponsorship of the XVII Municipality of Rome, some 2 million visitors of all ages witnessed or participated in 850 ‘happenings’ included in the programme, which took place over 74 days, making this unique event successful and more and more beloved by the citizens of Rome and appreciated by visitors and tourists alike.

Now, based on experience and responding to feedback, the Festival will aim to expand its cultural horizons further by devoting ample space for reflection on intercultural dialogue and the environment.
This has led to a key association with MULAB and the desire to showcase STEP at the Festival. STEP has been developed by a unique partnership of organisations from Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Greece that promote social inclusion and sustainable development through the arts and through cultural and creative expression.
The activities from STEP – funded by the Leonardo da Vinci strand of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme – will be disseminated throughout the whole festival period (18th June – 29th August).

In addition, the Festival will specifically host the STEP project final event and showcase on the 30th and 31st of July.
Organizational Management: Federazione Italiana Invito alla Lettura

Artistic Direction: Raniero Terribili for MuLab Cultural Association –

For information on STEP visit

“MuLab video presented at Aspire meeting in Arnhem, NL (January 2010) “,2010-03-31,”01/03/10 – MuLab video narrative: Scene 1 to Scene 7”

MuLab video narrative:

Scene 1: Individual perspective of trainee
Scene 2: Individual perspective of creative practitioner trainer
Scene 3: One-to-one session between trainee-trainer
Scene 4: Group session incorporating trainee and trainer
Scene 5: Wider organisational context
Scene 6: Local neighbourhood, community(ies)
Scene 7: Region/Country/Political context


Roma, Lungotevere Castello

Tre serate di concerti, eventi ed industria creativa sotto il segno della formazione e cooperazione europea ingresso gratuito”,”

Un’ipotesi alternativa per vivere e considerare il mestiere dell’artista, dell’operatore culturale  e del tecnico che opera nel settore dell’industria creativa può esistere anche in tempi di crisi. Basta allargare lo sguardo oltre il proprio orizzonte.

Lo dimostra il lavoro condotto dai ragazzi di cinque Paesi che hanno partecipato a STEP (acronimo di Supporting Talent to Employment Education Enterprise Programme), programma europeo di cultura e formazione LLP Leonardo da Vinci portato avanti nel triennio 2008/2010 da WAC Performing Arts and Media College, Collage Arts, Prevista ltd (Inghilterra), MuLab (Italia), Artquimia (Spagna), Dimitra (Grecia), HAN University (Olanda) e che proprio a Roma, nella preziosa cornice della manifestazione estiva “Letture d’Estate, lungo il fiume e tra gli alberi” presenta i propri risultati.

Scambi di esperienze, saperi, buone prassi, tecniche e anche culture, arti, riflessioni e prospettive in chiave innovativa, moderna ed europea.

Le tre serate di showcase concerto del progetto STEP, vedranno i ragazzi protagonisti dell’intero processo di realizzazione di un evento: dal concepimento dell’idea, all’organizzazione, alla cura di tutte le fasi tecniche, alle performance artistiche vere e proprie (una miscela internazionale di linguaggi anche musicali e più in generale artistici), alla documentazione dell’evento.

Per chi volesse approfondire l’argomento, venerdì 30 luglio, presso il Municipio XVII del Comune di Roma, dalle ore 10.30 alle ore 12.30 avrà luogo il seminario: “Next Step – Educazione non formale ed industria creativa”, alla presenza di tutti i partner internazionali del progetto STEP.