MuLab AC

MuLab is a not-for-profit organisation working for the promotion, consulting and education within the independent ‘creative industry’ field.  Mulab operates in the fields of:
1) promotion, management and organisation of cultural and artistic events
2) technical consulting and audio-visual services
3) professional training in the framework of the creative sector.
All MuLab’s activities are based on the principles of sustainable cultural and social development. Mulab organises and delivers professional training introducing people to the creative sector, with a focus on disadvantaged people such as young people at risk, those suffering from social exclusion, and disabled people with the aim of providing them with an ‘instrument’ for integration within the social and professional world. MuLab courses have been accredited under UNI ESO ISO 9001:2000 and was an accredited Education and Training agency with Region Lazio and has excellent local networks which will be central to dissemination.

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