Wac College

WAC is the leading partner organisation with specific skills in delivering training to young people. It began 25 years ago to provide training for young people from low income families in the performing arts. It offers professional standard classes to enable those with talent to apply to conservatories and specialist training to further their education. Today, WAC has extended its programmes and is a Vocational Qualifications centre. It offers a practice of arts education which values the general ‘transferable’ or ‘key’ skills young people learn from arts experiences. It provides dedicated training for digital media artists and courses for young people with learning difficulties. WAC also specialises in training arts trainers to work in educational contexts. WAC has a national and international reputation for innovative ways of teaching and numerous strategic partnerships and connections which will provide important communication channels to disseminate EURO-ASPIRE findings.

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Website: www.wac.co.uk
email: info@wac.co.uk